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December’s nearly here – and that means it’s time to get ready for some fantastic festive Bison giveaways!

We know that you have a choice and we’re always grateful for your business – that’s why we like to say “thank you” at this time of year with some superb free gifts. Check out the details below and get cracking with your orders, but hurry – there’s limited availability!

Festive Hamper


Premium quality hamper filled with delightful delicacies such as Gold-Award winning Somborne Valley sparkling fizz, Conker Spirit port barrel gin, Real Jam Boozy Christmas marmalade, Great Taste Award-winning Olives Et Al Very Merry Pigs in Blankets Mixed Nuts, New Forest Cakehouse Homemade Christmas Pudding and stacks of other unique treats in a traditional lidded hamper.

FREE with orders over £2500


Superb giftbox full of treats such as Bronze Decanter award-winning Danebury Schonberger 2018 wine, Conker Spirit port barrel gin, Great Taste Award-winning Olives Et Al Morrocan Tapenade Marocaine with Lemons, Great Taste Award-winning Hartgrove Coppa Charcuterie cured ham and loads more tasty goodies!

FREE with orders over £1000

Festive Hamper Nibbles
Bottle Giveaway 1


Choose a bottle of blended whisky, bourbon, gin, vodka, cognac or port and we’ll get it sent direct to the address of your choice.

FREE with orders over £350


FREE box of 6 mince pies with every order over £150.

Mince Pies 1

Order from the office on 01329 222345, or email us at . All offers run strictly from 1st to 17th December and are subject to availability.

Free products must be specified at time of order. We reserve the right to amend free products due to availability, or withhold free goods at our discretion.


We’re pumped to announce our new BISON TRACKING service!

  • Had enough delivery headaches on site?
  • Weary of waiting for suppliers to turn up without knowing when they’re coming?
  • Looking to reduce your labour costs, when your guys are standing around with nothing to get on with?

…then you’ll be glad to hear that our new TRACKING service is up and running, and proving to be a big hit with contractors across the south and in London. With a 7am text alert to let you know when to expect your delivery, and a further text when the driver has left the previous drop to yours, TRACKING gives you real-time visibility on where your delivery is, with the facility to follow the van on his way to your site.

And once delivery is made, we also send an email notification to your office letting you know all is delivered safe and sound. “It’s part of the service that our loyal platinum clients get,” says Scott Davis, Operations Manager at BISON. “We don’t offer it to everyone – we make no secret of that – but clients who understand and respect what we do for them get TRACKING service as standard, and can even call us in the Transport office to discuss anything related to deliveries.”

If you can relate to any of the three above questions and are regularly ordering a significant amount of first-fix MEP product then why not get talking to BISON? We’d love to support your projects and show you the benefits of TRACKING!

After the third failed delivery from a supplier using nationwide carriers to deliver their goods, a well-known plumbing contractor had had enough. The company buyer picked up the phone to Bison and after a 10 minute conversation had agreed commercial terms to deliver site supplies to a time-precious City-based project using the Bison van service. After 14 weeks on the project the buyer has this to say; “I wish I’d turned to you guys earlier, to be honest. The frustration of the awful carrier service is in the dim and distant past now, and thanks to Bison the job has run really smoothly.”  

Experiencing similar hassles on your site? – then talk to us – we’re good at deliveries.

FAST TRAK double stacked

Sometimes a product comes along that changes the game; Gripple have done just that with the Fast-Trak bracket system.

No hot works permits needed on sites, no handling of 3m + lengths of product, no offsite labour costs building expensive prefab bracketry – and a huge installation time saving too. This product will propel forward-thinking MEP contractors and installers to the front of the market, thanks to the significant advantages it boasts – and not least in the speed of install.

Talk to us about how the Fast-Trak could change the game for you.

One of the truly great things about going out and talking to target clients is the confidence you have in knowing that your team delivers.

There’s nothing better than knowing that you can offer a market-leading service with the full assurance of a proven #reliable Operations team backing up your promises.

The secret to our service is exactly that – a KFC-style highly-guarded formula that just produces great results day after day. I’m not bragging – just saying it how it is, and repeating what clients tell me regularly – “you guys are on it”.

Credits due to Scott Davis, Jack Bailey, Max Morton, Lubo Habdak and the rest of the Ops team – Service Superstars, every day.

1030 BIS NEW Area Map A4 v2

“I have to say that since using BISON the instances of delay have dropped significantly which is entirely due to their delivery service”

“Breath of fresh air”

“Orders actually get there when they say, not like the carrier service we used to get”

These are real-life comments made by some blue-chip MEP contractors working across London and the south, and they’re just a selection of the comments we hear on a daily basis. We know that there’s nothing more infuriating for a contractor or project manager to be kept waiting on site for carrier deliveries, or for goods on a false delivery date – which is why we guarantee delivery when we say well deliver, and don’t promise when we can’t.

Time is becoming more and more valuable with deadlines and pressures from other trades to meet, and having a reliable supply chain partner like BISON is crucial to the success of a smooth-running project. We know you have a choice and being able to tell you with confidence when your goods will be on site sets us apart from the competition – your delivery is in our hands, and we’ll sort it.

Corfe Castle
20180425 110132
Luton warehouse 1

BISON are pleased to announce the opening of our new North London distribution hub. Based just off the M1 and close to J21 of the M25, the new hub means that BISON’s market-leading delivery service just got even better!

“We’ve reached the point with our Southampton HQ where we need to expand our warehousing, and with an increasing number of our daily van deliveries going inside the M25 it made sense to open up an extra storage and distribution centre close to the City,” says Scott Davis, Operations Manager at BISON. “Our new hub allows us to get to sites across the north of London and the Home Counties even quicker and means our famous BISON truck delivery service is just getting better and better.”

With racking being installed during August and new stocks arriving on a daily basis, the new centre is scheduled to be fully operational in September 2021 – stay tuned to hear more about how contractors are proving the benefit of using BISON’s responsive and reliable delivery service and keep sites stocked up and running.

Luton warehouse 3 1
Luton warehouse 4 1

The problem; reinforced concrete slab steel rods are often just 25mm beneath the surface, making installation of wedge anchors a challenge.  For installers hanging bracketry, containment or ductwork, trying to find the best fixing point in the slab without hitting the steel rod can be a real headache and lead to time wasted on site, wasted hole driling, and wear and tear on both the tools and the operator.

The solution; Fischer’s Hammerset EA2 wedge anchor is just 25mm long, making the installers life a lot easier and the installation doesn’t affect the structure of the slab. with such a short body the Hammerset anchor sits neatly in the slab and still provides exceptional pull-out performance.

And what’s more, the dedicated setting tool gives a neat and clear visible indicator to the installer, making it obvious whether the anchor has been set correctly.

In stock in M8 / M10 / M12 at BISON – get in contact for fast delivery to your site.

If you’re looking to save labour costs on cable basket installations then we’ve got the answer; the Pemsa Rapide basket system.

Installers and contractors will be well-acquainted with the fiddly two-plate and bolt system traditionally used to connect basket trays, and as well as needing a spanner or socket to install they’re also a frustrating little product to fix in place, particularly if you drop the loose nut! So the new Rapide system is a welcome development and takes literally seconds to install – check out the video here to see more.

Rapide is available from stock at Bison in sizes from 60mm width to 450mm, and in 65mm and 100mm depths – talk to us for more info, and start counting the savings your installers make in £££’s!

What is a non-expansion anchor, why should I use one and what’s available?

When fixing into a substrate such as masonry, concrete and blockwork, there’s essentially two main types of anchor; expansion (also known as a mechanical anchor) and non-expansion, and this denomination relates directly to how the anchor actually ‘anchors’ into the substrate. An expansion anchor works through a mechanical movement within the fixing whereupon a wedge-shaped internal piece of the anchor is pulled or pushed (depending on the anchor type), forcing the outer part of the anchor against the substrate into which it is inserted.

non-expansion anchor can be one of two main types, resin or chemical and screw. The second type of anchor – the screw – is quickly becoming the preferred choice for M&E services installation contractors.

How does a screw anchor work?

In short, a screw anchor will do just that, screw and anchor. After drilling a pilot hole, the screw can be driven into the substrate with an impact driver. The ‘relaxed’ thread on the screw enables the screw to be driven straight into dense substrate i.e. concrete. The thread cuts into the side wall of the pilot hole and provides a strong, stable anchor.

Why would I use one?

There’s several advantages to using screw anchors over mechanical expansion anchors;

For use in cracked concrete.

Concrete often cracks with age, extreme temperatures, stress and weight loading, In some cases, concrete classed as ‘cracked’ will still be an integral part of a structure and may need to be fixed into. Using an expansion anchor can put further stress on weak, cracked concrete. Using a screw anchor can provide equivalent or even superior weight loading capacity without any expansion activity, thereby not compromising the integrity of the substrate.


Concrete anchors are very quick to install. Once a pilot hole has been drilled, the fixing can be simply driven in with an impact driver. There are a variety of heads and driver points, from a common hex head configuration to a star drive. Using a screw anchor means that you won’t need any type of setting tool and installation take place without the use of hand tools. Fixing steel (for example, slotted channel) to concrete can be achieved without using washers, nuts and set screws (bolts).


Concrete screws come in a number of configurations, from rod hangers (with a female thread), dome headed screws, heavy duty bolts and hex key driven countersunk screws. This range gives much greater versatility than traditional expanding anchors and can provide a more professional finish to an install. For examples using rod-hanging screws means that you can avoid the use of channel, reducing install time and providing a smarter appearance substantially.


Concrete screws enjoy one major attribute; simplicity. They’re simple to install (just drive them in) and they’re a one-part build with no moving parts. This means that they’re not only significantly cheaper to install, but in most cases, the screw is cheaper than a traditional anchor install and assembly. Using concrete screws on a project can significantly speed up install, and reduce costs.

What’s a blue tip?

bluetip concrete screw is a version of the concrete screw that is intended for multiple use. To indicate wear and suitability for further use, the end of the screw is supplied with a blue painted tip; as the screw is used, the paint is worn off and when the majority of the paint is gone, the screw is no longer suitable for use.

What’s available?

Bison stocks concrete screws from leading brands such as Dewalt, Fischer and Spit with our own Kwikanker brand. 

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