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Discover Kaiflex ST Lagging Pipe Insulation Foam

Kaiflex ST Lagging Pipe Insulation Foam Class 0

Kaiflex ST is a high-performance closed cell rubber insulation foam for demanding public and commercial applications.

Kaiflex ST eliminates condensation forming on internal insulation by stopping water vapour from transferring from the building’s interior to its exterior.

The Self-Seal technology not only prevents condensation and energy loss, but it can also aid in the reduction of HVAC system costs along with increased system life span and performance.

Kaiflex ST is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications due to its dust and fibre-free composition, Class-0 fire rating and sound absorption properties.

Installation is made easy thanks to self-seal tubes with adhesive strips on each side, Kaiflex ST can be fitted to existing pipe work without the need to dismantle the system.

The benefits of kaiflex st

Kaiflex ST closed-cell synthetic rubber insulation has a wide range of applications. It can be used for both hot and cold pipes, for any system size and pipe diameter, in both small and large furnace rooms, and in both small and major projects.

Kaiflex can be utilised for products of any size without switching materials or manufacturers due to the vast product selection.

thoroughly tested & certified

Kaiflex ST has been extensively tested and globally certified, and it has a wide range of usage and technical attributes of the highest calibre. This Kaimann insulation is exceptionally energy-efficient and consistently prevents condensation due to its very low thermal conductivity of up to 0.033 (W/mK) at 0 °C and outstanding water vapour diffusion resistance of up to 10,000. This elastomer insulation also meets the highest safety criteria for fire behaviour, with Euroclass B-s3, d0 (DIN EN 13501-1), Class O (in accordance with UK building laws), and Class 1 very low surface spread of flame (test according to BS 476-7).

The very good technical features remain continuously high throughout all insulation thicknesses, ensuring consistent insulation performance throughout the system’s operational life. Even at low insulation thicknesses, this established material protects against energy losses over time, serves as an excellent water vapour barrier, and thereby reduces the danger of corrosion under insulation.

Kaiflex is available as conventional or as a self-adhesive products. Whichever version is selected, Kaiflex ST is a winner due to its adaptability.

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