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Self Drilling Screws

A self drilling screw is a self-tapping screw with the addition of a drill tip end. Self-drilling screws do all the drilling, tapping, and attaching in one motion, so there is no need for a pre-drilled pilot hole. Metal to metal or metal to timber fasteners typically consist of hardened steel.

The tiniest portion at the fixing’s end is the self-drilling screw’s flute length. The maximum metal thickness that the fastener can be used with depends on its length. The self-drilling screw’s flute is responsible for extruding the drilled material from the hole. When this area is obstructed, the cutting motion gradually comes to an end. Overheating may occur if the situation is not corrected.

The length of the material the screw must pass through must be carefully considered when determining the length of the fastening. The tiny, unthreaded portion of the screw’s end is the drill point. The screw will break or suffer damage if the thread starts to engage before the drill point is completely inserted.

The same head shapes and drive types as self-tapping screws are available for self-drilling screws. Depending on the materials the screws will be used with and the environment they will be exposed to, the screw’s substance and plating will vary.

For applications where the fastening of two materials is necessary, self-drilling screws are perfect. Self-drilling screws are particularly helpful in a number of contexts where accuracy and speed are crucial because the drilling and fastening are performed in a single action. among the most typical are; cladding and roofing, steel frames, metal and wood frames, sheet metal work and HVAC ducting.

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