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Bolts, Setscrews, Coach Bolts & Machine Screws

Coach bolts and screws make it easier to join metal and some types of wood. They have a robust head, which is often hexagon-shaped, and a threaded shaft that ends at the tip. They function by being put into a drilled hole, followed by the hammering of a bolt through, the insertion of a washer and nut, and the subsequent tightening to provide a sturdy, reliable fixing.

Set screws are used to attach metal or wood and metal layers together. They are also frequently referred to as grub screws. These are used to attach things together when there is an internally threaded component present and no additional nut is necessary.

Machine screws feature a socket in the head that permits a screwdriver to be used to turn them. They are usually composed of steel or brass and have a blunt point. They are frequently utilised on machinery, cars, and electronic devices. There are several different sizes available in our selection.

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