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Girder Beam Clamps & Purlin Clips

To suspend or secure fixtures, wires, threaded rods, and other hardware to beam flanges, beam clamps or girder clamps are utilised. They feature clamps appropriate for use on pitched beams and secure fixing without the need for welding or drilling.

Purlin clips are smartly designed steel clamps and clips that are fastened to purlins and girders to enable the suspension of electrical and mechanical services. They can be screwed into the purlins and beams using setscrews that bite into the structural metalwork, or they can be pounded into place utilising teeth to grip the metalwork. In other instances, the purlin clip is held in place by the weight of the suspended goods rather than by the clip itself because it simply wraps around the purlin. Steel purlin clips and clamps are made to reduce installation time and avoid drilling structural steelwork, which could reduce the beam’s ability to support its own weight.

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