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As an M&E contractor in a fiercely competitive market, you need resourceful ways to save money and gain the competitive edge when tendering. SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™ will help you achieve this by:

  • saving you time and money
  • reducing the required labour necessary to complete projects
  • simplifying installation techniques
  • offering you simpler fixings that don't require special tools, and
  • offering you stronger and superior fixings that will ultimately save you money.


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Our SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™ includes the latest and most innovative fixings the M&E market has to offer. You'll be surprised by the number of installation methods you are currently using on site that have more efficient and cost-effective counterparts. Bison is committed to making our customers aware of these and supplying them to you at a highly competitive price. SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™ include fixings for basket, tray, trunking, ladder, pipework, channel, threaded rod, plus many other support systems and prefabricated assemblies.

Contact our team of experts for more information and to book your free consultation. We GUARANTEE that we will raise your bottom line with SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™.



"Bison's SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™ have revolutionised the way we install bracketry and support systems on site. If it weren't for Bison, we would still be leaking money on projects by using drop-in anchors and spring nuts. You can trust Bison to save you money on your upcoming projects". Contractor, London.


" 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks', was the expression that came to mind when Bison first approached us. Fortunately, we decided to have our free consultation and have since started using more than a dozen SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™. Bison have successfully helped us cut costs, win more projects and grow as a business!" Contractor, Hampshire.


Why Bison?

We’re committed to supplying you with SMART INSTALL SOLUTIONS™ that will reduce man-hours and increase your bottom line.

Get in touch with our team of experts for more technical info and to place your order.

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